Short description & applications:
New technology, two component integral crystalline waterproofing crack-injection-system. Application by cement-injectionpump. Suitable for permanent waterproofing and repairing concrete cracks in basements, tunnels, tanks, pools, bridges, sewage tanks, canals, construction joints etc. Mixing: In 9 or 10 Lt water add 2 or 1 Lt liquid FL (component B) and afterwards the powder P-25 Kg (component Α) for respectively ~2 hours or up to 1 hour workability.

Consumption information:
The two mixing ratio respectively define large or small workability. Thus, 2 Lt liquid FL pail, can be used for 2 packages of 25 Kg powder P. For enhancing the fluidity we can add 0.5–1 Lt extra water. Thus, we achieve the sealing of even smaller cracks. Indicatively, each set seals 20 – 22 Lt of voids.

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