Short description & applications:
Crystal growth, cementitious powder, waterproofing system added to concrete as an admixture. The product can be used in the ready mix plant with the form of powder directly added in the pre-weighted dry parts of concrete (in the lift-band) before the water addition or by addition in the mix truck, at the job site, right after the mixing (with electric mixer) with water – in the special mixing pails with measure. Mixing water ratio: mix well . of 18 Kg bag with 11.5 Lt water. The small packaging of 3.75 Kg pail is convenient for the production of waterproofed mortars or small quantity of concrete in a small mixer. Mixing time in the mix truck or small mixer is at least 5 min.

Consumption information:
The recommended PENETRON ADMIX. ratio for permanently waterproofed concrete is 0.8-1% by weight of cement. For regular concrete ~300 Kg cement, we use 3 Kg product powder per m3 of concrete. E.g. for 9 m3 mix truck we use: 3 Kg x 9 = 27 Kg, that is 1. PENETRON ADMIX. bag. It is easier to cut in half the bags, then mix 3 half bags in 3 mixing pails with 11.5 Lt water each. For the production of waterproofed mortars (cement content >250 Kg/m3), the mixing of 0.5-1.0 Kg PENETRON ADMIX. per 50 Kg of cement is recommended.

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