Vitebsk Pedestrian Tunnel

Vitebsk Pedestrian Tunnel
Vitebsk, Belarus
Category: Transport
A city of over 345,000 inhabitants in northeastern Belarus, Vitebsk is the country’s fourth largest city and the capital of the Vitebsk Region. Construction work on a key traffic and railway intersection on the Moskovskiy Prospekt, which connects the city center with the city’s new Bilieva district and provides a direct access to the P21 (Vitebsk-Smolensk-Moscow) highway, is set for completion in 2020.
Products Used:
PENETRON ADMIX  was recommended for the repair work to the underpass. Easily mixed in during batching and unaffected by climatic conditions, PENETRON ADMIX becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix. The PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete was used to fill the retaining walls and the floor of the underground pedestrian crossing.  PENECRETE MORTAR  was used to fill out and seal the construction joints.