Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant
Târgu Jiu, Romania
Category: Water Treatment & Storage
Târgu Jiu is the capital of Gorj County in southwestern Romania. The town’s 80,000 inhabitants rely on the local water treatment plant for their drinking water. The plant recently underwent extensive repairs to eliminate the profound corrosion and deep cracks found in both the ceiling and walls of the plant’s reinforced concrete water storage tanks.
Products Used:
The two main water tanks (capacity: 2,500 m3 / 660,500 gallons each) at the Târgu Jiu plant were treated with the PENETRON System. A PENETRON slurry was applied to the concrete tank structures.To rehabilitate the tank ceilings, welding work was initially required, followed by a layer of slurry sprayed over the concrete. The cracks in the walls were treated with a combination of PENECRETE MORTAR and a cover layer of PENETRON topical crystalline material. Using PENETRON products accelerated the project schedule by three to four weeks and saved over €20,000 (US$22,240) in repair costs.